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Background – I’ve been thinking about business continuity for some time now…the pandemic has sharpened my resolve. And yes, I’m always learning – always considering ways to make a difference in peoples lives: with the skills I have been given, and ones I have honed.

People – People need security, this starts at home. Having recently completely renovating the house I’m living in, with the help of suppliers (I now call friends): my appetite has been wetted for all things physical. To gain a balance in my life with all things academic and technical, which I love.

Process – So I’ve decided to create another string to SecureDigitali.com bow, ‘prjprj.com‘. Its the start of a process (a journey), hopefully to collect a target of 26 customers, that want a company that can do everything outside the home, firstly.

Technology – We’ve decided to go online, zero carbon footprint, no trees involved for leaflets and e-commerce transactions (HTTPS, PCIDSS & GDPR compliant). Right so that’s the techy stuff over

Security – So security, everything we do is connected with security. For the garden to be a place of peace, restoration and joy, it needs to be secure from all manner of threats. PrjPrj.com will suffice those needs and help the environment at the same time, I hope you wish us good success?

Author: Michael McGlynn – SecureDigitali CTO / MD

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