Projects are born out of needs and wants; to satisfy the desire to fix, make or conclude a matter. Constricted by time, cost and quality, you need to find a company that can deliver your project using the best resources, in the best place at the right time…that company is


“SecureDigitali helped us achieve far greater accuracy when recording MAG’s and our third party’s utility usage, which helped us drive energy saving schemes. SecureDigitali created a sea of calm in what can be a very complex and fast moving, 24x7x365 operational working environment.”

Andy Sheridan

Engineering Asset Manager , Manchester Airport Group

Smart Utility Control

1,400 Gas, Water & Electricity meters deployed and connected via distributed communication network across a large scale sub-metering metropolis at Manchester Airport. New software portal development enabling day plus one hour monitoring of MAG’s utility infrastructure spend providing accurate and timely basis to bill tenants. The Smart Utility Control project paid for itself within 22 months.

Secure Car Park

New software and hardware deployed across 22 car parks @ Manchester Airport. Rationalisation of a complex map of payment intermediaries to a faster, cheaper and more robust design giving MAG greater management information visibility and control. Integration with Police & Border Control automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems enhancing scope and control of covert operations.

“It was a big project, not just for Manchester Airport, but for the whole airport group including the many associated organisations: SecureDigitali did a really wonderful job. It was exciting to see how they took hold of the project, accelerating deployment, but always in a control manner – they were brilliant”.

Ian Wager

Group Internal Audit Manager, Manchester Airport Group

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Security is at the heart of everything we do: with no stone left unturned and all tracks covered. Impacted by political, environment, social and technological security change you need to find a company that has trained and worked with the best…that company is


Collaboration in 10 days

Durham University wanted to be the first in the country to offer a fully functioning collaboration model whereby companies and University staff & pupils could learn, share and develop new products and services in a secure, easy to use online portal. Integration with existing University collaboration software applications was critical to the adoption of the new service. The whole system was designed, implemented and deployed within 10 days.

“By being one of the first universities in the country to get this system working, and by aiming to be so good at what we did, it meant that everybody wanted to use our solution. Thanks to SecureDigitali it only took us 10 days to deploy the system, which then reduced expenditure and increased our prestige, helping to increase the reputation of the university”.

Carolyn Brown

Chief Executive Officer, Durham University

“SecureDigitali introduced a more efficient way of operating – we were saving money each month. By streamlining our processes, SecureDigitali was having a direct impact on cost, reducing our expenditure, we got ourselves ahead of schedule and finished the project a lot earlier than we had initially envisaged.”

Christopher Fernando

Programme Manager, Barclays Corporate

Global Identity Sprint

With over two hundred applications and 26,000 potential users: the REQUEST system needed processes, procedures and a methodology fast. Introducing KANBAN, Agile with SCRUM, SecureDigitali was able to provide the initial traction, followed by consistent progress, to an all out sprint to bring the programme back on track in terms of time, cost and quality. We reduced the envisaged implementation time from 12 to 8 months.

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We have over 30yrs experience in IS, IT & ICT project and data management. Always following technological advances and never resting on our past achievements, we continually look for ways to enhance our knowledge, skills and experience to bring you world class service.



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All Projects Begin With A Bold First Step

We Can Help You Scope, Design & Deliver Your Project

All Data Needs Careful Management

We Can Help You Clarify, Classify & Protect Your Data

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