virtual Agile & GDPR management
For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

What We Do

We apply world class virtual Agile Project & GDPR Data Management, to ensure organisations achieve their digital aspirations

How Do I Know If I Need Agile Project or GDPR Data Management?

Who needs Agile Project or GDPR Data Management?
Basically entrepreneurs who are too busy building their business; business owners who want to focus on the strategic side of their business; small to medium sized enterprises, who need to control a project or  company data, whilst they grow their customer base: and senior managers who need a project solution fast
What type of companies do you work with?
We work with start-ups, business owner, small to medium sized enterprises and corporates. We follow an agile approach to project and data management, so introspectives, retrospectives & reflections form a big part of how we operate, to make sure our clients great service and value
Why should I choose to use securedigitali.com?
You should consider to engage SecureDigitali.com, because we offer a seasoned approach to project & data management; all our people have a technical background, solid professional qualifications & proven people skills: and many years experience of managing complex and difficult business change
When is a good time to contact you?
You can contact us anytime of day. We promise to answer legitimate requests for assistance, within the hour. You can do this by email, telephone, social media, via web conference or in person. We are always ready to actively listen.
How can I get the ball rolling quickly?
We suggest you have three things ready to mind: the specific business change issue, task or project at hand; the expected timescales; and your ballpark budget. Armed with this information, we can quickly assess, which product(s) would serve you best


virtual Agile Project & GDPR Data Management

SecureDigitali.com was incorporated in November 1997, specialising in project and data management.

We apply world class project & data management, to ensure organisations achieve their digital aspirations.

We started our careers in 1980, in electronics; moving with the technology shifts…we mastered telecommunications, local/wide area networks, broadband,  computers, internet, large scale projects & programmes, etc.

We’re adapting again, to focus on the emergent technologies, some people call the 4th industrial Revolution: using our tried and tested Agile project & GDPR data management skills and experience.

We’re good to go, already: so what’s stopping  you…

Companies & People We’ve Worked With

“SecureDigitali created an oasis of calm, in the busyness of our business!”

SecureDigitali.com managed to get the system up and running within the timeframe; they had daily meetings and created checklists for everything that needed to be done. They were well organised, identifying solutions quickly and mobilising the team to get the job done on time. SecureDigitali.com took ownership of the project; they identified responsibilities and made sure that the team understood their personal roles

Chief Technology Officer, Durham University

We were working to a strict timeline, SecureDigitali identified risks and potential delays well in advance: so when the appointed contracting company began falling behind, SecureDigitali sprung into action, quickly mitigating those issues and controlling the risks with agile project management. Effectively, SecureDigitali created an oasis of calm, in the busyness of our business: and we completed the project on time

Head of Asset Engineering, Manchester Airport Group